Asst. Director

Dr. M. Sudhakar Reddy, Asst. Director

“A desire can change nothing decision can change something but a determination can change everything”. Quality is not only by chance, it is the consequence of strong intensions, intelligent decisions and sincere efforts planned and skillful executions.

I always believe in quality. At SSITS, we always provide a platform to let our students empower themselves with the wings of knowledge and power of innovation. It is possible only with the sincere efforts of all SSITS faculty members. I feel immense pleasure to work with SSITS family and look forward to acquire many more achievements like permanent affiliation, NBA & NAAC accreditations.

I appreciate the efforts of the team who have done an excellent job in compiling activities over the past years and disseminate the activities through this Institution.

SSITS aims to bridge the gap and create platform as a solution to overcome the challenges of Students and Companies.

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