Industry Interaction Center


College can provide each company with room space of 7*7sq.m with required facilities .

 The company is supposed to give free training to our students, interested faculty. 

The company should also give internship certificate to the participants.

As the students are getting free training (say 70hrs including theory/ hands-on)..they should work double hours( 140hrs) for the company free of cost.

If the company takes more service from students..they should pay some reasonable amount to the students(this will be decided by college management/ company together along with some honarory 3rd party elders)

It should be like win win Situation for all.. companies which run with ethics and doing socially relevant projects only be permitted.


  • To create awareness on Entrepreneurship among the students through training programmes and camps.
  • To enhance industry institute interaction through guest lectures and industrial visits.
  • To help students acquire necessary managerial skills to run an enterprise effectively.
  • To generate entrepreneurship skills among the students to cope up with the current trends in the market.
  • To help students channelize their goals to become a versatile entrepreneur.

Vision and Mission


To produce successful entrepreneurs imbibed with innovative skills and ethical business practices contributing to the development of the society and growth of the nation.


To promote the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship among students and motivate them to become entrepreneurs.


Committee for Entrepreneur Development Cell as follows:

S. No. Name of the members Designation
1. Dr. M. Rama Kumari ED Cell Head
2. Dr. S. Mohana Convenor
3. Dr. L. Nagaraja Co-convener
4. Mr. D. Vinay Kumar Coordinator
5. Mr. S. Hakeem Coordinator


SSITS aims to bridge the gap and create platform as a solution to overcome the challenges of Students and Companies.

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